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If any kind hearts want to help me out by buying commissions/designs/P2U resources or even donating I would be really grateful. ❤

If you guys didn't know you can get points free and easy from here sometimes llamatrade

I do take commissions as well see below for whether they're open and link to the prices

Ok since a lot of people have been asking lately owo;
A R T . S T A T U S
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Angelos ❤
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
do you believe in angels?
Angelos pixel by starsweet/Kuitsumi
by Kuitsumi

 ❤ :iconange-ll-os::iconmoochiballs: ❤
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Angelos+Andrew by starsweet/Kuitsumi
by Kuitsumi

I love you~ Let's be cute dorks forever ❤
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Places you can find me c:
MISC dA :iconharimacaron: [for messier stuff I don't wanna spam here~ Pokemon stuff will get compiled in logs and crossposted here; the rest will depend on how much I like it]

p u b l i c
Tumblr | Art/Inspiration Tumblr | Weasyl | [public character directory]

p r o t e c t e d / p r i v a t e
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m i s c
Flight Rising | 3DS: 4296-2983-0530 |
Fates My Castle [Aeris' Skills]: 07685-93207-57367-43079

Weasyl is a secondary art site; I will be slower to upload but feel free to follow me if you want. Maybe that site will pick up again at some point. I'm not too fond of posting art on tumblr so while I do have an art blog I'll probably mostly be posting my fanart there.

Art9 or whatever it was before it died is just plain gone and I dunno charahub was a really nice concept but the way really badly executed. My has replaced it as my publicly accessible character directory. These two accounts will be inactive.

Formerly: :iconakakitsunex3:

ZIZIBLUEBLUR@weheartit || Info
Not sure how to get this removed so I have started a wall of shame =w='' Art thieves and reposters that refuse to cooperate/I can't contact will go here and will be striked out as things are removed. Feel free to send these people non harassment messages to ask they remove my work and/or report them for me.

Current Residence: lost in a faraway reverie ❤
Favourite cartoon character: Manon & Alan - PKMN XY[&Z]
Personal Quote: --
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Hey everyone! Gonna try to keep this short cuz well ok not like anyone reads these anyways haha but yes I just wanted to wish you all a happy holidays~ I hope you all had lots of good food and got some cool gifts maybe? :"D Anyone got stories to share or just wanna chat? I'm always up for talking with you guys it's lonely by myself ahahaha

I've been kinda dead lately art wise sadly cuz uni kinda kicks my butt but I got a commission on the way [??? I got a bit of a question about that actually later] and I'm gonna see if I can at least doodle a little something to post later today or maybe tomorrow if I can't make it ;v; I also wanna do some winter/holiday designs still so like if anyone has a particular theme feel free to shoot me ideas and I might do them XD

Also question: Does anyone know CorruptEevee on weasyl? I haven't been able to get in contact with them recently and after searching around through google it looks like all their accounts are either deleted or cleared out?? A lot of stuff from their weasyl was deleted and what I assume was their FA was disabled and some other accounts that look like were theirs were also deleted so I'm kinda ????? right now o~o They ordered a commish while I was on reading week but I didn't manage to finish then so I'm just about finished it now but I take payment after completion so I'm kinda missing payment right now and have no clue how to reach them >w>;;; I'm basically done I just need to finish some shading so I guess I'll finish it while I can but I dunno maybe I'll hold off posting until I get payment I dunno what should I do??


To Do
- Fullbody [anthro] CM for CorruptEevee @ weasyl
on hold until further notice??? [upcoming for winter break: pixel sprite [feral] & [TBD] CMs for CorruptEevee @ weasyl]
- some art of my precious toaster child cuz I am in OPM hell
- painting for :iconkuitsumi:
- personal art I've been meaning to do [various adopted sweeties, old charas that need new art, etc...]
- Giftarts ❤

(if I somehow forgot something please remind me since that means I forgot!)

Stuff I'm waiting for (no rush to people here just writing it all down)
- trade from :iconartistic-castaway:
- kiriban from :iconladyhorse:
- kiriban from :iconphoenixphyrefeather:
- kiriban from :iconblackwolf-masters:
- kiriban from :iconlinai:
  • Listening to: Hoshi Yori Saki ni Mitsukete Ageru
  • Reading: ONE PUNCH MAN
  • Watching: ONE PUNCH MAN
  • Drinking: ice tea


Harbinger Registration - Angelos

[on] || [on weasyl] < coming?? I dunno yet if I'll upload this one to weasyl



GUYS YOU SHOULD ALL CHECK OUT THIS CUTE AS HECK GROUP!! It's such a lovely concept to spread around the kindness and also just CUTE STARRY UNICORN DONKEYS WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT?? Ok but seriously I really love this concept of getting to start out with a basic design and being able to earn traits and stuff by putting in the effort! It makes it a lot more accessible so more people can join and have fun ;v;

Anyways I couldn't seem to settle on a design/colours so in the end I just went for making my Hinny based on Angelos XD IT'S SO SIMPLE BUT SO HARD LIKE THIS IS THE SIMPLEST DESIGN I'VE EVER MADE BUT????? well after I finish my festival event pic I'll add some markings to her BUT FOR NOW she's simple Theygot toe beans guys I'm crying they're so cute I love toe beans ;v; But also hooves and hooved stuff kills me but.. evidently I'm gonna get lots of practice man so many cute hoofy species recently

I made the sheet so sparkly laughs really hard I'd say I'm sorry but I'm not

- - - ☆ - - - ★ - - - ☆ - - - ★ - - - ☆ - - - ★ - - - ☆ - - -

Name: Angelos [or Angie]
Gender: female
Species: Harbinger
Age: smol baby floof [for now I guess I'm not sure how this ageing works ahaha]
Created: January 3rd 2017

shy at first | playful with friends | daydreamer | snuggly | protective of those she cares about | usually quiet/calm
- overall a very friendly snuggly floof that wants to make others happy
- wary and shy around strangers but warms up fast as well
- usually quiet but will show a playful side around friends
- generally very laid back and takes things slowly and carefully; gets very flustered when things mess up; a perfectionist
- cares deeply for those important to her and will become protective if there's a threat
----- also somewhat the 'mom friend'
[may or may not add more stuff here over time]

- does her best to grant all wishes but stresses when things don't go to plan
- has a tendency to mull over mistakes long after and get anxious she's not doing a good enough job to get back to the sky
---- sometimes needs others to give her a little push to get back on track
- she likes it a lot when people make nice wishes especially to help others but she's happy to grant wishes for the wisher too
- her belief is that while the original goal was to get back to the sky it's more important to enjoy herself along the way and spread wishes and kindness where she goes
- no wish is too small for her and she'll be happy just providing everyone with a little brightness instead of something huge
- she's not that strong physically, maybe even a bit weak, but she does her best and has a interest in magic to make up for it
[again might add/edit this over time]

??? I feel I should have a space here for this but blank for now haha

Misc Notes:
- accessory: moonstone bell on silver chain
- palette is for my own reference but if interested:
    main fur - markings - nose/pawpads - hooves
    eye (pupil/shade) - eye (iris/highlight) - eye (glow ring thing; optional) & bell (translucent) - chain - mouth/tongue
- her design is going to be based on Angelos' though it won't actually be identical so that it translates better to this form
---- so uhh kinda another form kinda another character even if same name if that makes sense LOL

Character + Art © :iconange-ll-os:~Angelos
Harbinger species :iconharkharbingers: © :iconyuristorm:~YuriStorm

DO NOT REPOST, EDIT, COPY, USE, REDISTRIBUTE, "REFERENCE" or TRACE etc... My art/character are not for free use or part of the public domain! Use in any way, shape, or form without my written permission will result in me reporting it. All rights reserved. Thanks!

#212 . Scizor

[on tumblr] || [on weasyl]

One last picture from 2016 that I finished last month but never posted! A little request for Wang / ripdaichi@tumblr from Pokemon Battle Network of a Scizor~ [gosh I hope I got the tumblr right I'm not actually super sure which tumblr is which I'm just giving my best guess LOL]

I've never really tried drawing something like this before but?? success?? It looks alright haha way better than that Alakazam I drew a while back XD Foreshortening and weird angles like this aren't my strong point I hope it looks alright haha.. Still kinda unsure about the BG I didn't know whether it looked better red or grey I kinda feel there's a bit too much red but oh well what's done is done.

I'll be posting one more pic tonight so look forward to that! ovo

Art © :iconange-ll-os:~Angelos
Pokemon © Nintendo/Game Freak/Pokemon Company/?? I dunno lol it's one or more of those

DO NOT REPOST, EDIT, COPY, USE, REDISTRIBUTE, "REFERENCE" or TRACE etc... My art is not for free use or part of the public domain! Use in any way, shape, or form without my written permission will result in me reporting it. All rights reserved. Thanks!

-Xiaoxing-little dragon

RIP I think I'm like 5 min late

HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS SORRY UNI WAS KICKING MY BUTT ALL SEMESTER [AND THEN THE HOLIDAYS KICKED MY BUTT TOO] I will attempt to art a bit more now; I actually have a couple small things I haven't uploaded yet and also a couple pics in progress too~ I just got pokemon sun though so I'm a bit distracted from art >w>;;;

Think it looks good flat but I'll probably edit to add some simple shading later ?? I dunno yet
LAUGHS can you tell I was rushing I didn't even have time to watermark it properly... I'll change from dA's to my own later

My star babe Elnin 小星 for the Masquerade prompt over at :iconberry-bazaar:! His design has a lot of inspiration from China and eastern dragons so I figured it was fitting his mask would be of a golden dragon. His Pomu even got a tiny mask too! Xiaoxing isn't one for very scary looking masks so a combination of the dragon's image, bells, and red tassels to hide his true face is his tactic. Combined with his phasma horns and tail he really does make a pretty convincing dragon... if one doesn't look too closely..

His cape got a slight update in the design [I'll draw it out and link it to his ref sheet or just edit the ref later] and the knot his Pomu wears got a slight update too so it doesn't look like a tripping hazard XD I wanted to keep his goggles with him still so they're around his neck as to not get in the way of the mask pfft it's a bit messy around his neck there a lot of stuff overlapping

Art + Xiaoxing © :iconange-ll-os:~Angelos
Elnin closed species © :iconmanaberry:~Manaberry

DO NOT REPOST, EDIT, COPY, USE, REDISTRIBUTE, "REFERENCE" or TRACE etc... My art/characters are not for free use or part of the public domain! Use in any way, shape, or form without my written permission will result in me reporting it. All rights reserved. Thanks!

[5/6 OPEN] Chironix batch 1 [#]

[on weasyl]

update: extended end date due to lack of bids to December 30th [except Werewolf]

As promised here's that batch of Chironix! Happy Halloween guys~ Some new beasties I doodled in class that I figured fit the Halloween theme! Very self indulgent ahaha I love floofy things with big monster claws ovo

Thank you in advance to any bidders/buyers all earnings from this auction will be going to helping me fund producing some acrylic charms ;v; It's very expensive so I don't want to solely bank on sales to make back the costs of production... OTL

If anyone wants to make one for now I'll set DIY [MYO] price at a base price of $3.00 USD/300 Points
Not much in terms of traits or guidelines any reasonable horns/claw/tail tip shape is fine only limits are odd traits like 2nd set of wings/halo/aura glows/etc. all you need to do is pay and have me approve the design~

- - -

[Chironix Species Info !]

please look here to read about the species if you buy one!

Quick rules:
- owning of my designs means you are bound by my TOS! Please make sure to read the full TOS above if you buy!
- trading and gifting are OK just let me know when owners change please!
- reselling is prohibited; message me to make an exception
- please credit me for design [and species if applicable]
- minor/moderate editing is ok; let me pre-approve major edits
- If you've read these rules write "『★★★』" in your comment!~
- I take :points: or paypal [USD]; do not send payment before I confirm
- do not bid if you will not have the funds within 1 week of end date
- please love your new character I love them all very much myself and want them in good homes~ I would love to see any art you get of them ❤

*full size [these are 75%] will be sent after payment



A sparkling Chironix that loves all things magical!
Species: Chironix | Magic feeding
Created: Oct 27th 2016
Starting Bid: $7.00 || 700 :points:
AUTOBUY: $25.00 || 2500 :points:
Highest Bid: n/a
Owner: n/a

★ WEREWOLF - ID#002 ★

A rough looking Chironix that seemed to have been chained in the past
Species: Chironix | Meat/Blood feeding
Notables: On nights of the full moon it seems to grow larger, rougher, and much more dangerous
Created: Oct 27th 2016
Starting Bid: $7.00 || 700 :points:
AUTOBUY: $30.00 || 3000 :points:

Highest Bid: Shoryusei w/ SB
Owner: :iconshoryusei: Shoryusei

★ GHOST - ID#003 ★ [BID HERE]

A curious ghostly white Chironix with a glowing flame tail that seems to shift in and out of vision
Species: Chironix | Magic feeding
Notables: 2nd set of wings | Appears to have ghost like abilities
Created: Oct 28th 2016
Starting Bid: $8.00 || 800 :points:
AUTOBUY: $30.00 || 3000 :points:
Highest Bid: n/a
Owner: n/a


A sweet looking and seemingly tame Chironix eyes your candy and fruit hungrily
Species: Chironix | Fruit feeding
Created: Oct 29th 2016
Starting Bid: $5.00 || 500 :points:
AUTOBUY: $20.00 || 2000 :points:
Highest Bid: n/a
Owner: n/a


A dark yet glowing Chironix that seems to melt into the night leaving only swirling marks and flickering flames
Species: Chironix | Magic feeding
Notables: Aura glow [eyes, horns, claws, markings, flame] | Possesses strong magic
Created: Oct 29th 2016
Starting Bid: $6.00 || 600 :points:
AUTOBUY: $25.00 || 2500 :points:
Highest Bid: n/a
Owner: n/a


A blood coloured Chironix with a sinister red glow that gives you a bad feeling
Species: Chironix | Meat/Blood feeding
Notables: Aura glow [horns, claw,s wings, tail, nose] | Magical powers even though not a magic feeder
Created: Oct 29th 2016
Starting Bid: $4.00 || 400 :points:
AUTOBUY: $20.00 || 2000 :points:
Highest Bid: n/a
Owner: n/a

Chironix closed species + Designs by + Art © :iconange-ll-os:~Angelos
Characters once bought © respective owners

DO NOT REPOST, EDIT, COPY, USE, REDISTRIBUTE, "REFERENCE" or TRACE etc... My art is not for free use or part of the public domain! Use in any way, shape, or form without my written permission will result in me reporting it. All rights reserved. Thanks!



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