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GET OFF MY PAGE RIGHT NOW! I CANNOT BELIEVE PEOPLE ARE SO RUDE AND SELFISH! My page is not your billboard; go joins some groups if you want attention.

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If any kind hearts want to help me out by buying commissions/designs/P2U resources or even donating I would be really grateful. ❤

If you guys didn't know you can get points free and easy from here sometimes llamatrade

I do take commissions as well see below for whether they're open and link to the prices

Ok since a lot of people have been asking lately owo;
A R T . S T A T U S
:bulletred:Requests: NEVER no announcement; don't ask
:bulletred:Trades: CLOSED!
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Angelos ❤
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
do you believe in angels?
Angelos pixel by starsweet/Kuitsumi
by Kuitsumi

 ❤ :iconange-ll-os::iconmoochiballs: ❤
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Angelos+Andrew by starsweet/Kuitsumi
by Kuitsumi

I love you~ Let's be cute dorks forever ❤
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Places you can find me c:
MISC dA :iconharimacaron: [for messier stuff I don't wanna spam here~ Pokemon stuff will get compiled in logs and crossposted here; the rest will depend on how much I like it]

p u b l i c
Tumblr | Art/Inspiration Tumblr | Weasyl | [public character directory]

p r o t e c t e d / p r i v a t e
PokéBlog | Private Character Directory/Concepts Tumblr |
Pixiv [ask me; acquaintances/friends only] | Photobucket

m i s c
Flight Rising | 3DS: 4296-2983-0530 |
Fates My Castle [Aeris' Skills]: 07685-93207-57367-43079

Weasyl is a secondary art site; I will be slower to upload but feel free to follow me if you want. Maybe that site will pick up again at some point. I'm not too fond of posting art on tumblr so while I do have an art blog I'll probably mostly be posting my fanart there.

Art9 or whatever it was before it died is just plain gone and I dunno charahub was a really nice concept but the way really badly executed. My has replaced it as my publicly accessible character directory. These two accounts will be inactive.

Formerly: :iconakakitsunex3:

ZIZIBLUEBLUR@weheartit || Info
Not sure how to get this removed so I have started a wall of shame =w='' Art thieves and reposters that refuse to cooperate/I can't contact will go here and will be striked out as things are removed. Feel free to send these people non harassment messages to ask they remove my work and/or report them for me.

Current Residence: lost in a faraway reverie ❤
Favourite cartoon character: Manon & Alan - PKMN XY[&Z]
Personal Quote: --
Profile |Sketch / Misc dA|Gallery
Commission Info/Prices|Art Status+etc. | DESIGN T.O.S
Tumblr|Art+Inspiration Blog|Weasyl|

Hey everyone! Gonna try to keep this short cuz well ok not like anyone reads these anyways haha but yes I just wanted to wish you all a happy holidays~ I hope you all had lots of good food and got some cool gifts maybe? :"D Anyone got stories to share or just wanna chat? I'm always up for talking with you guys it's lonely by myself ahahaha

I've been kinda dead lately art wise sadly cuz uni kinda kicks my butt but I got a commission on the way [??? I got a bit of a question about that actually later] and I'm gonna see if I can at least doodle a little something to post later today or maybe tomorrow if I can't make it ;v; I also wanna do some winter/holiday designs still so like if anyone has a particular theme feel free to shoot me ideas and I might do them XD

Also question: Does anyone know CorruptEevee on weasyl? I haven't been able to get in contact with them recently and after searching around through google it looks like all their accounts are either deleted or cleared out?? A lot of stuff from their weasyl was deleted and what I assume was their FA was disabled and some other accounts that look like were theirs were also deleted so I'm kinda ????? right now o~o They ordered a commish while I was on reading week but I didn't manage to finish then so I'm just about finished it now but I take payment after completion so I'm kinda missing payment right now and have no clue how to reach them >w>;;; I'm basically done I just need to finish some shading so I guess I'll finish it while I can but I dunno maybe I'll hold off posting until I get payment I dunno what should I do??


To Do
- Fullbody [anthro] CM for CorruptEevee @ weasyl
on hold until further notice??? [upcoming for winter break: pixel sprite [feral] & [TBD] CMs for CorruptEevee @ weasyl]
- some art of my precious toaster child cuz I am in OPM hell
- painting for :iconkuitsumi:
- personal art I've been meaning to do [various adopted sweeties, old charas that need new art, etc...]
- Giftarts ❤

(if I somehow forgot something please remind me since that means I forgot!)

Stuff I'm waiting for (no rush to people here just writing it all down)
- trade from :iconartistic-castaway:
- kiriban from :iconladyhorse:
- kiriban from :iconphoenixphyrefeather:
- kiriban from :iconblackwolf-masters:
- kiriban from :iconlinai:
  • Listening to: Hoshi Yori Saki ni Mitsukete Ageru
  • Reading: ONE PUNCH MAN
  • Watching: ONE PUNCH MAN
  • Drinking: ice tea


Daniel + Morgan

[on tumblr] || [on weasyl]

I finally... finished.. this... OTL A gift request for Dan / Daniel-Frost@tumblr from Pokemon Battle Network from like 3 eternities ago that I only just recently finished; his trainer with his shiny Scolipede Morgan! This pic has been haunting me this entire time I feel so bad taking so long to finish it pfft >w>;;

I've never tried drawing people before in these tiny pics before and it was definitely an experience LAUGHS AND CRIES
People are hard and trying to squish them into these tiny canvases just makes it 3244933568902x worse R.I.P. I had most of it done for the past two months or something??? But that one hand [the one tossing the pokeball] just.. wasn't.. working.. and I just got stuck there for forever..
Now that it's finally done I'm happy with this though and nice to practice stuff I wouldn't normally draw as often~

Art © :iconange-ll-os:~Angelos
Character owner: Dan /
Pokemon © Nintendo/Game Freak/Pokemon Company/?? I dunno lol it's one or more of those

DO NOT REPOST, EDIT, COPY, USE, REDISTRIBUTE, "REFERENCE" or TRACE etc... My art is not for free use or part of the public domain! Use in any way, shape, or form without my written permission will result in me reporting it. All rights reserved. Thanks!

Yenomi Registration - Soleil



Registration sheet for Soleil! This is just for registering; please see her reference sheet for character/design details, thanks!

- - - ☆ - - - ★ - - - ☆ - - - ★ - - - ☆ - - - ★ - - - ☆ - - -

Name: Soleil
Gender: female
Species: Yenomi
Tier: Magic-Organic
Affinity | Phase: Sun | Dawnstar
Created: February 5th 2017

Designed by/Character belongs to + Art © :iconange-ll-os:~Angelos
Yenomi closed species :iconyenomi: © :iconmaybirds: & :iconstrangelykatie:~Maybirds & StrangelyKatie

DO NOT REPOST, EDIT, COPY, USE, REDISTRIBUTE, "REFERENCE" or TRACE etc... My art/character are not for free use or part of the public domain! Use in any way, shape, or form without my written permission will result in me reporting it. All rights reserved. Thanks!

Soleil Ref - Feb. 5 '17

[on] || [registrations sheet] || [on weasyl]

EDIT: Drew a quick back view thing so her hair could be seen and also drew some examples of her fav flowers to put in her hair/ear floof [though again feel free to draw whatever flower you like if any at all she changes up the flowers often] Draw in order: chamomile, lilac, wisteria, lavender

LAUGHS AND CRIES I WAS TOTALLY PRE-PREPARED WITH A MYO DESIGN shh... she was originally going to be my community Yenomi entry but I loved her too much..... >w>;;;
//rests on the floor

Don't ask me how her wings/the gold rings on them work I dunno man they just looked nice like that fdjsklgjss
Also slightly wonky anatomy the original sketch I drew while I was a work taking a small break pffft

- - - ☆ - - - ★ - - - ☆ - - - ★ - - - ☆ - - - ★ - - - ☆ - - -

Name: Soleil
Gender: female
Species: Yenomi
Tier: Magic-Organic
Affinity | Phase: Sun | Dawnstar
Created: February 5th 2017

Traits: wing shaped horns | horse-like tail | feathered wings | soft natural markings | gold bands | varied hair accessories*
* she tends to have plants/flowers in her hair usually something fragrant currently in season from her garden it's up to you what you decide to add if any! Wisteria, chamomile, lilac, and lavender are some favourites

Personality: Sociable but also awkward | Wants to make other happy | Fluttery | Usually quiet | Forceful when pushed
- very friendly and likes to socialize but tends to fumble her words and often clumsy/awkward
- tends to do first and finish thinking it through later/as she goes
- likes to be helpful and to make others happy
- usually can only focus on one thing for a short period of time
---- often ends up cycling between doing several things as her focus shifts
---- could be talking to someone one minute and wandering off the next
- comes off as almost shy at first because she's quiet but that's not really the case
- becomes a wall when it comes to things important to her; she will not compromise
---- a product of getting over her past more meek nature by not letting others boss her around [she overdoes it sometimes]
- a lover of the arts; especially storytelling, dance, and music
--- likes to dance and sing while she works


- being well groomed is very important to her and she makes time to do it herself each day even if she's tired
her silk is enchanted [by her friend Aeris] to ward against dirt so luckily this is not as hard of a task
- fascinated by horoscopes and sometimes takes them a bit too seriously
- her main task is to tend a garden of herbs/spices along with some personal flowers she enjoys growing
- secondary task when she has time is to go out and look for useful berries with a special interest in ones to use as dyes/pigments
---- she really enjoys the days where she can go out and explore around in different places even if she loves her garden

- Aeris [my other Yenomi]
---- at opposite ends when it comes to phases they don't really see each other awake [though sometimes Aeris tries to stay up to have a few moments to chat before passing out]
---- Soleil likes to help supply her with flowers to enchant and also checks in on Aeris' succulents to make sure they're growing well as she's better at caring for plants
---- generally they communicate by notes and leaving each other little gifts
- Angelos [my Harbinger]
---- an interesting friend who visits sometimes from a faraway land

 Designed by/Character belongs to + Art © :iconange-ll-os:~Angelos
Yenomi closed species :iconyenomi: © :iconmaybirds: & :iconstrangelykatie:~Maybirds & StrangelyKatie

DO NOT REPOST, EDIT, COPY, USE, REDISTRIBUTE, "REFERENCE" or TRACE etc... My art/character are not for free use or part of the public domain! Use in any way, shape, or form without my written permission will result in me reporting it. All rights reserved. Thanks!



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