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GET OFF MY PAGE RIGHT NOW! I CANNOT BELIEVE PEOPLE ARE SO RUDE AND SELFISH! My page is not your billboard; go joins some groups if you want attention.

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If any kind hearts want to help me out by buying commissions/designs/P2U resources or even donating I would be really grateful. ❤

If you guys didn't know you can get points free and easy from here sometimes llamatrade

I do take commissions as well see below for whether they're open and link to the prices

Ok since a lot of people have been asking lately owo;
A R T . S T A T U S
:bulletred:Requests: NEVER no announcement; don't ask
:bulletred:Trades: CLOSED!
:bulletred:Commissions: CLOSED! [Prices/Info here!]


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Angelos ❤
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
do you believe in angels?
Angelos pixel by starsweet/Kuitsumi
by Kuitsumi

 ❤ :iconange-ll-os::iconmoochiballs: ❤
. --- . --- . --- . --- . --- . --- .
Angelos+Andrew by starsweet/Kuitsumi
by Kuitsumi

I love you~ Let's be cute dorks forever ❤
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this area will be my new 'webcam' spot since my webcam widget went poof cuz dA likes to screw with non premium members (ノ`△´)ノ彡┻━┻

. --- . --- . --- . --- . --- . ---

Places you can find me c:
MISC dA :iconharimacaron: [for messier stuff I don't wanna spam here~ Pokemon stuff will get compiled in logs and crossposted here; the rest will depend on how much I like it]

p u b l i c
Tumblr | Art/Inspiration Tumblr | Weasyl | [public character directory]

p r o t e c t e d / p r i v a t e
PokéBlog | Private Character Directory/Concepts Tumblr |
Pixiv [ask me; acquaintances/friends only] | Photobucket

m i s c
Flight Rising | 3DS: 4296-2983-0530 |
Fates My Castle [Aeris' Skills]: 07685-93207-57367-43079

Weasyl is a secondary art site; I will be slower to upload but feel free to follow me if you want. Maybe that site will pick up again at some point. I'm not too fond of posting art on tumblr so while I do have an art blog I'll probably mostly be posting my fanart there.

Art9 or whatever it was before it died is just plain gone and I dunno charahub was a really nice concept but the way really badly executed. My has replaced it as my publicly accessible character directory. These two accounts will be inactive.

Formerly: :iconakakitsunex3:

ZIZIBLUEBLUR@weheartit || Info
Not sure how to get this removed so I have started a wall of shame =w='' Art thieves and reposters that refuse to cooperate/I can't contact will go here and will be striked out as things are removed. Feel free to send these people non harassment messages to ask they remove my work and/or report them for me.

Current Residence: lost in a faraway reverie ❤
Favourite cartoon character: the ninja husband Kaze-FE14 | Chat Noir-ML | Manon-PKMN | Kija-AnY
Personal Quote: --
Profile |Sketch / Misc dA|Gallery
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Tumblr|Art+Inspiration Blog|Weasyl|

Hey everyone! Gonna try to keep this short cuz well ok not like anyone reads these anyways haha but yes I just wanted to wish you all a happy holidays~ I hope you all had lots of good food and got some cool gifts maybe? :"D Anyone got stories to share or just wanna chat? I'm always up for talking with you guys it's lonely by myself ahahaha

I've been kinda dead lately art wise sadly cuz uni kinda kicks my butt but I got a commission on the way [??? I got a bit of a question about that actually later] and I'm gonna see if I can at least doodle a little something to post later today or maybe tomorrow if I can't make it ;v; I also wanna do some winter/holiday designs still so like if anyone has a particular theme feel free to shoot me ideas and I might do them XD

Also question: Does anyone know CorruptEevee on weasyl? I haven't been able to get in contact with them recently and after searching around through google it looks like all their accounts are either deleted or cleared out?? A lot of stuff from their weasyl was deleted and what I assume was their FA was disabled and some other accounts that look like were theirs were also deleted so I'm kinda ????? right now o~o They ordered a commish while I was on reading week but I didn't manage to finish then so I'm just about finished it now but I take payment after completion so I'm kinda missing payment right now and have no clue how to reach them >w>;;; I'm basically done I just need to finish some shading so I guess I'll finish it while I can but I dunno maybe I'll hold off posting until I get payment I dunno what should I do??


To Do
- Fullbody [anthro] CM for CorruptEevee @ weasyl
on hold until further notice??? [upcoming for winter break: pixel sprite [feral] & [TBD] CMs for CorruptEevee @ weasyl]
- some art of my precious toaster child cuz I am in OPM hell
- painting for :iconkuitsumi:
- personal art I've been meaning to do [various adopted sweeties, old charas that need new art, etc...]
- Giftarts ❤

(if I somehow forgot something please remind me since that means I forgot!)

Stuff I'm waiting for (no rush to people here just writing it all down)
- trade from :iconartistic-castaway:
- kiriban from :iconladyhorse:
- kiriban from :iconphoenixphyrefeather:
- kiriban from :iconblackwolf-masters:
- kiriban from :iconlinai:
  • Listening to: Hoshi Yori Saki ni Mitsukete Ageru
  • Reading: ONE PUNCH MAN
  • Watching: ONE PUNCH MAN
  • Drinking: ice tea


Currently very seriously considering doing some pokemon acrylic charms; just wondering how many people are possibly interested? I've never done this before but I really want some charms of my own so ;v; I'm still kinda on the fence cuz they're so expensive to do but if I get good amount of interest it'll be a go

Current plans for designs and stock are:
- 8 x Manon & Alan [two charms together both double sided front/back] hi guys I fell right down into this hell again there is no escape
- 9 x Mega Charizard X [front/back]
- 9 x Eevee [normal/shiny sides]
- 9 x Altaria [normal/shiny sides]

For reference they'd probably be $6.50 USD [$8 USD for the Manon & Alan due to being two charms] plus whatever it takes to ship it.
FE:Fates still with a tight hold on my life as I attempt to art ovo" I'm working on a big piece right now and afterwards I'll probably try some fanart of my cute ninja husband
If anyone wants to stop by my castle for some skills here's a full list you can request from~ Both asks and comments on this status are welcome ^^ aiming for that 9999 visits/battles laughs
MYO Yenomi Entry - Aeris by Ange-ll-os
MYO Yenomi Entry - Aeris

[on weasyl]

ok reuploaded and I think the thumb is loading now OTL

//continues to finish things right before the deadline
Entry for the :iconyenomi: MYO contest!

I haven't drawn anything vaguely hooved in like 324926683343 years and man THIS WAS A STRUGGLE the lines took me an eternity and then some... I really hope the colours don't look really funky cuz when I first looked at the file on my other computer it was really awful @w@" I fixed them up in PS and now it looks ok on both screens so I hope that's the end of that

- - - ☆ - - - ★ - - - ☆ - - - ★ - - - ☆ - - - ★ - - - ☆ - - -

Name: Aeris
Gender: female
Species: Yenomi
Tier: Magic-Organic
Affinity | Phase: Moon | Dusk
Created: August 29 2016

Personality: soft | optimistic | supportive & gentle | tends to be sleepy | trusting | craves affection and friendship
- soft in all senses of the word; a gentle but fragile heart that wants to avoid conflicts
- sensitive to the feelings of others; she's quick to pick up on if something's bothering someone and to try and mediate it
- quick to trust and make friends though sometimes a bit too trusting and may fall for lies
- no matter how much or little she sleeps she tends to be always at least a little sleepy
----- lives life at a somewhat slow pace sometimes leading to trouble getting work done on time
- affection and friendship are very important and she does not like to be alone
- slow to anger/annoy but also slow to forgive after she's been hurt


- uses her magic to enchant therapeutic or weak protective items
----- generally for: soothing aches, relaxing, reducing stress, sleep aid, ward off allergies/weak illnesses
- can cast weak healing spells if she tries but gets a bit uncomfortable around the sight of injuries
-  flowers and are a favourite item to enchant though stones and jewellery are more common due their durability and portability
- the stone that hangs from her horn is a protective charm that she spends a little time strengthening each day [night?] before she sleeps and so as a result over time has become the most powerful charm she's enchanted
- very fond of jewellery so the rings on her tail and her earrings often change though are always silver and relatively simple
- her favourite stone is moonstone and her braids are always kept together by large moonstone beads
- though a magic-organic yenomi she isn't that good at growing plants though she loves her small garden of succulents
- her role is largely that of a magic yenomi but she is happy to help do clean up work when there isn't a need for magical items
- likes to give enchanted flowers at random to anyone who looks like they're having a bad day

 Designed by + Art © :iconange-ll-os:~Angelos
Yenomi closed species © :iconmaybirds: & :iconstrangelykatie:~Maybirds & StrangelyKatie

DO NOT REPOST, EDIT, COPY, USE, REDISTRIBUTE, "REFERENCE" or TRACE etc... My art/character are not for free use or part of the public domain! Use in any way, shape, or form without my written permission will result in me reporting it. All rights reserved. Thanks!

Prince Tile :Yunonia CM: by Ange-ll-os
Prince Tile :Yunonia CM:

[on weeasyl]

[tile pattern commission for Yunonia]

Elnins are so fun to draw gods this was such a fun commish to do!! Hilariously the thing I struggled most with was drawing the cupcakes??? Why are cupcakes hard to draw dsfjslgjds I had to literally google photos of cupcakes and try 43849068340 times OTL
A part of me was like 'you put too many sparkles' but in the end laughs really hard you can never have too many sparkles

Haven't been arting as much as I thought mostly cuz I've been watching/reading a bunch of anime/manga laughs real hard but expect at least one more pic soon before the summer ends for me ovo"

Thanks for commissioning me and I hope you like it! I'll be sending you the individual pics for if you wanna use them as page sprites whereever as well as the properly cropped tile pattern ^^

Art © :iconange-ll-os:~Angelos
Character © :iconyunonia:~Yunonia
Elnin closed species © :iconmanaberry:~Manaberry :iconberry-bazaar:

DO NOT REPOST, EDIT, COPY, USE, REDISTRIBUTE, "REFERENCE" or TRACE etc... My art is not for free use or part of the public domain! Use in any way, shape, or form without my written permission will result in me reporting it. All rights reserved. Thanks!

-Xiaoxing- Sparkling Starfall [My Faire Elnin] by Ange-ll-os
-Xiaoxing- Sparkling Starfall [My Faire Elnin]

[on weasyl]

My pic for the My Faire Elnin prompt!

//slides in literally in the last hours
Hi I'm Angie and I am the worst procrastinator especially when it's hot as hell.. At least it was pretty cool the last couple days so I actually got a decent chunk of work done to finish this ovo" More Elnins to come cuz I got a commission which is sketched out that I'll be finishing next!

jaywalkings I didn't get a reply back so I hope you don't mind me attacking you with semi giftart since I gave your Lanturn Dragon a little cameo~ Figured it was ok since I've attacked you with giftart before and we're mutuals haha so surprise I guess!

Xiaoxing's not really good with busy/crowded gatherings but he does really love the Starfall Faire if only to watch the falling stars. He's climbed up above the lights and bustle for a better view along with an Elseworlder he met ['swan child' the Lantern Dragon]

I really love how this turned out though I'm not that familiar with doing gijinkas; drew Xiaoxing in his gijinka/anthro/whatever you call it form which was different but pretty fun though the legs and hands were a struggle.. the two things I'm bad at.. together... hands.. and anthro legs OTL I haven't drawn anything big/properly for months so I was like???? wow I still remember how to art??? and it's going really well??????? thanks to whatever higher power was helping me laughs real hard
He's wearing his Starfall Faire outfit which is slightly different from his usual [oops I don't have a pic for comparison] which I had a ton of fun designing~ It's too bad you can't see all of it but I did my best to find a pose to show off as much of it as I could ovo I just.. love giant much.. totally inspired by the adventurer outfits from Fire Emblem Fates which are so so pretty His cape is a fancier cape [and he's got the big bow] and he's hung some glowing gold chain and stars from the belts on his tail~

Nighttime scenes are both so fun and so frustrating at the same time >w>;; It can be a bit of a struggle to pick colours to match the atmosphere and lighting but it looks really nice in the end and I get to use lots of blues/bluer tones so that's fun~ I hope it's not too blue/dark/?? haha my screen doesn't really like dark colours too much so I hope it looks nice on everyone's screen! Folliage is such hell to paint pfft my hand was a bit numb/stuck in a claw after I finally finished with it :') I oddly enjoyed drawing the big branches though?? Apparently twisty branches are fun to me ahahaha

Art + Xiaoxing © :iconange-ll-os:~Angelos
'swan child' © :iconjaywalkings:~Jaywalkings
Elnin closed species © :iconmanaberry:~Manaberry
Lantern Dragon closed species © :iconsapphu-adopts:~Sapphu-Adopts [I think?? someone correct me if I'm wrong I'm not actually familiar w/ LDs]

DO NOT REPOST, EDIT, COPY, USE, REDISTRIBUTE, "REFERENCE" or TRACE etc... My art/characters are not for free use or part of the public domain! Use in any way, shape, or form without my written permission will result in me reporting it. All rights reserved. Thanks!


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